The Evening Standard

Waitress who ejected British tech CEO from restaurant after racist tirade receives $71,000 in tips

July 11, 2020

A waitress who demanded a British tech CEO leave her restaurant after a racist rant has received more than $71,000 in online tips. Silicon Valley boss Michael Lofthouse launched the verbal tirade at the Orosa Chan family as they were celebrating a birthday at the Luciana Restaurant in Carmel Valley, California. In a video of the incident taken by Jordan Chan, Mr Lofthouse, CEO and founder of tech company Solid8, stands up and yells at the family, using expletives. Server Jennica Cochran stood up for the family, telling Mr Lofthouse that they were valued guests and demanded he not speak to them in this way, and insisted he leave. In a statement, he has since apologised for his actions.

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