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Pizza chain apologises to Ohio couple after pepperoni pieces arranged in shape of a swastika

June 30, 2020

The world’s third largest pizza chain has apologised to an Ohio couple after they discovered their order had pepperoni pieces arranged in the shape of a swastika. After being angered by the Nazi symbol, the pair, from Middleburg Heights, tried to return the pizza, but got no response when they called the shop, which had closed. 

They posted a picture on social media and the following day, Little Caesars contacted them to apologise, saying they had "zero tolerance for racism and discrimination in any form", and said two franchise store employees were immediately fired. It’s understood the pair admitted to making the pizza as a joke and that it was never supposed to be sold. The woman’s husband had bought the pizza, which had already been prepared, right before closing time. She said she’d hoped the employees learn a valuable lesson from this and "spread love, not hate".