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New experimental evidence suggests Diamond rain is falling on Neptune and Uranus

June 30, 2020

A strange phenomenon which suggests that it could be raining diamonds on Uranus and Neptune - has been found according to some new experimental evidence published in nature communications

Both planets are known for their extremely cold exteriors and its thought that when that meets the extreme heat and pressure thousands of kilometres below the surface  -  hydrocarbon compound reactions  are created which then forms the  diamonds that then rain down inside the planets.

Researchers used X-ray lasers to try and gather the most precise measurements to date. and as glamorous as this may sound -  diamond rain serves a very important function in planets like Uranus and Neptune As the falling sparklers  sink and rub against other dense material.

This friction makes extreme heat that plays an important role in balancing internal energy levels and temperatures on both planets  and help them maintain a constant warm temperature.