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Father who lost penis to blood infection has new ‘living’ one built on arm

July 31, 2020

A father who lost his penis due to a severe blood infection has become the first man to have a new "living" one built on his arm - and is soon set to have it rebuilt.

The UK’s NHS experts made 45-year-old Malcolm MacDonald a new penis through a $65,000 arm-graft procedure.

The father-of-two, from Norfolk, had endured a long-term perineum infection which saw his penis turn black before falling off completely in 2014.

The mechanic told The Sun newspaper how he simply picked up his appendage and put it in the bin when the day came, as he had been warned by doctors it was inevitable by that point.

Mr MacDonald has had to learn to laugh with his friends at the pub if the new penis constructed on his arm is spotted beneath his long-sleeve shirts.

Professor  David Ralph is set to fit the new penis as soon as possible post- coronavirus pandemic

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