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Brit among two teenagers arrest in Twitter bitcoin celebrity scam hack attack

August 1, 2020

One British teenager and two other have been charged by US authorities in connection with the Twitter hack attack.

The three charges were filed in the Northern District of California, which is where Twitter is located.

The accounts were affected as part of a scam attack where famous accounts asked people to donate to a bitcoin account.

Court documents allege that 415 transfers were made to the Bitcoin address totalling more than 117,000 US dollars.

Rapper Kanye West, US president Barack Obama, and Microsoft founder Bill Gates were all affected.

19 year old Mason Sheppard from Southern England faces three charges.

While Nima Fazeli who is 22 and from Orlando Florida was charged with aiding and abetting the intentional access of a protected computer.

And seventeen year old Graham Clark was arrested in Tampa, Florida, according to the Hillsborough State Attorney’s Office.

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